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Our residential surveys provide a range of useful information for planning, approvals and making decisions about your next urban construction, renovation or development project.

Land Development Consultants

Whether you are looking at renovating your current dwelling, or further developing your land, Sunrise Surveying provides a comprehensive range of urban development surveying services that help lay out the project, track its progress and certify the finished product.

Our survey services include:

  • Preliminary site surveys to locate improvements and/or encumbrances of the land.
  • Identify the highest and best use of your land and the potential improvements you can make.
  • Prepare and manage Development Applications (DA) with local government.

  • Analysis of your property history and conduct a field investigation survey to accurately determine your property boundaries.
  • Preparation of Survey Plans and Identification Survey Plans.
  • Lodgement of required documentation with local government to obtain council compliance and plan sealing.
  • Lodgement of plans and necessary documentation with Titles Queensland.

Boundary and Identification Surveys

Sunrise Surveying offers the services you need to ensure your land and improvements are utilised to their full potential. 

If you are constructing a retaining wall or fence on the boundary, or you are considering construction of a dwelling near the property boundary, our services include a full investigation of the current use and encumbrances of the land so you can be confident that the location of your improvements are wholly within your property. 

We conduct a thorough office and field investigation to find and mark out your property corners and determine the exact boundary lines, location, and size of a property and give you the certainty that your improvements will be accurately located in relation to your property boundary.

Sunrise Surveying offers property surveys for:

  • Identification Surveys
  • Land Subdivisions and Reconfiguration of Lot (ROL) surveys.
  • Easement Surveys
  • Lease surveys
  • Pre-design surveys

Contour and Feature Surveys

Along with boundary surveys to find the exact location and layout of a property, Sunrise Surveying offers a range of contour, terrain and feature mapping services to complement the development of your land. We use state-of-the-art equipment and aerial drones to record and map the features of any property, from single residential blocks and large development sites, to large acreage estates and rural properties.Feature and contour surveys are used to identify:

  • Topography and terrain
  • Vegetation
  • Utility locations
  • Details of neighbouring properties and buildings
  • Existing structures and improvements on the property
  • Features such as retaining walls and fences

Construction and Engineering Surveys

Residential surveys don’t just support the planning phase, they also provide useful support during the engineering, construction and completion of property developments. The expert team at Sunrise Surveying can supply all construction and engineering surveys, including:

  • Preconstruction site establishment of benchmarks
  • Building set-out surveys
  • Site monitoring
  • Building modelling
  • Utility and Service location surveys
  • Engineering set-out surveys
  • As constructed Surveys

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