Railway Survey Services

Sunrise Surveying offers railway surveying to support the construction, monitoring, maintenance and repair of rail lines and rail bridges across Eastern Australia.

Expert Railway Surveying

Railways keep Australia connected, and they power major industries such as mining, energy production and transport.

If you need support to build or maintain rail structures, Sunrise Surveying provides railway surveys that can improve the outcome of any project.

We offer railway surveying in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. We can tailor a surveying suite to suit your needs, with our primary services including:

Cadastral and detail surveys

If you are planning a new railway or works on an existing site, our cadastral and detail surveys provide the data you need. Our surveys support project planning, land acquisition, easements, leases and more.

Control network establishment

Control networks are crucial to the monitoring and maintenance of railways. We provide control network establishment that allows you to collect accurate data over time, building a complete picture of deformation in railways.

Railway construction surveys

We provide end-to-end support for the construction of new railways and railway sections. Sunrise Surveying can support you from initial planning through to site set-out, volumetric surveys, engineering surveys, construction verification and beyond.

Railway renewal surveys

Our team supports rail renewal projects of every size. We can capture data about deformation, lift and slew, cant, and changes in gauge. This information is used to plan and execute works and restore railways to functional condition.

Railway monitoring surveys

Railways are subject to hard use and are prone to deformation over time. We perform comprehensive monitoring and asset inspection surveys that can identify deformation, damage and maintenance items.

3D laser scanning

Sunrise Surveying uses LiDAR sensors to create 3D models of terrain, structures, railways, rail bridges and more. These 3D models allow us to deliver powerful insights in project planning and asset inspections, ensuring your infrastructure is kept in top condition.

As-constructed surveys/ADAC

We provide as-constructed and ADAC surveys to verify that completed railways meet engineering and regulatory standards. Our ADAC data can also support further project planning and serves as a baseline for future maintenance works.

Detailed Land and Rail Surveys

The team at Sunrise Surveying provides services for all types of railway projects. If you are constructing, renewing, maintaining or monitoring a railway, our survey data allows you to make more effective decisions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure design surveys
  • Cadastral and detail surveys of rail corridors
  • 3D laser scanning of topography, bridges and structures
  • Surveys for the set out of new track, track turnouts, track alignment and more
  • Construction and engineering surveys
  • Control network establishment
  • Detail and topographic surveys for rail and bridge renewal
  • Railway, bridge, tunnel and embankment monitoring
  • Project verification surveys
  • As-constructed/ADAC surveys

We offer support to both civil and private clients in the mining, transport, infrastructure and government sectors. We use state-of-the-art surveying techniques to deliver accurate data and powerful insights.

This makes it possible to deliver project outcomes on time and within budget.
Our land and rail surveys are tailored to suit your project. 

Surveys for Rail Bridges and Other Structures

In addition to our standard rail surveys, Sunrise Surveying has the expertise to survey related structures, such as rail bridges.

We’re an experienced surveyor that can work closely with your project managers on the construction, monitoring and maintenance of bridges. This work needs to be carried out regularly to ensure safe operating conditions, and Sunrise Surveying can deliver the data you need.

Our rail bridge surveys are typically completed using drones equipped with LiDAR sensors. These allow us to create 3D models of bridges and other structures, making it simple to identify movement, damage and deformation.

Rail surveys from Sunrise Surveying can drastically reduce your time and costs, while improving outcomes. Our advanced railway surveying techniques help us collect data that are accurate, repeatable and suitable for all maintenance and monitoring tasks.


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