Surveying Services in Rockhampton

Operating across Rockhampton, the Sunrise Surveying team offers a range of survey services to support our clients with their engineering, construction, civil and mining works.

Civil and Construction Surveys in Rockhampton

Sunrise Surveying supports clients throughout the construction, civil, engineering and mining industries. Our survey data is suitable for both private and public clients, and we help with projects that include building and maintaining roads, bridges, railways and other structures. 

Our team is available to collect survey data for works like:

  • Road, rail and bridge construction

  • Other construction

  • Infrastructure maintenance and renovation

  • Deformation monitoring

  • Damage assessments

  • Engineering assessments

  • As-built/ADAC surveys

  • Volumetric surveys

  • Residential Surveys

  • UAV Surveys

Residential Surveys in Rockhampton

Residential building projects in Rockhampton all require approval from the local council. From minor renovations to large scale developments, residential surveying services by Sunrise Surveying provide the accurate data you need to make decisions and plan all construction, renovation, development and engineering works.

Sunrise Surveying provides a range of residential surveys in Rockhampton, including:

  • Professional site set-out

  • Full site plans

  • Partial site plans

  • Location surveys

  • Easement and restriction surveys

  • Detail and feature identification

Each local council publishes their own requirements for approving residential construction. For more information about survey requirements in Rockhampton, speak to Sunrise Surveying about the details of your project.


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We provide high quality survey services to clients throughout the Rockhampton region. Whether you are working on a minor residential project, large-scale development or a civil project, Sunrise Surveying can provide the accurate data you need. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment.