Tender Support and Data Take-Off Surveys

We assist clients throughout the tendering process by delivering data-driven survey results that support tenders for all construction, mining and infrastructure projects.

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Quantity Takeoff Surveying

Quantity takeoffs form a major part of estimating for projects such as construction, mining, engineering and infrastructure work. Sunrise Surveying offers a comprehensive range of surveying services to support any works you’re preparing to undertake.

We deliver accurate and reliable quantity takeoffs using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our quantity takeoffs draw on many of our survey technologies, including:

  • 3D Laser Scanning 
  • Building Modelling
  • Terrain Modelling
  • Contour Mapping and Details Surveying 
  • Quantity and Volumetric Surveying 
  • Residential Construction Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Roadwork, railway, bridge and infrastructure modelling

Bill of Quantity Verification

Issuing accurate tenders is critical to the success of a project. A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is an itemised estimate for the cost of the work the tendering firm is offering. We help clients track and estimate the materials, equipment and labour that needs to appear on a BOQ in order to provide accurate project estimates. Our surveying experience means we can offer bills of quantity for most projects, including:

  • Construction and engineering projects
  • Earthworks projects
  • Mine site management
  • Residential development, building and renovation works

Sunrise Surveying uses advanced survey methods to verify your BOQ. As estimating experts, our team can ensure your tender is accurate and help you deliver results on budget.

Alternate Design Modelling

Support your next tender with advanced modelling showing alternate project designs. With 3D scanning, drone surveys and modelling software, we can design and specify workable alternative designs for most projects. Developing additional design models offers project leaders alternative solutions that may deliver additional benefits or cost savings to a project. By reviewing your existing information and supplying new survey data of our own, Sunrise Surveying can develop alternate designs to submit alongside your tender applications.

Tender Support Services

Sunrise Surveying offers our full range of survey services to support companies that are tendering for work in a variety of industries. By providing an accurate tender based on real data, your company is far more likely to be successful in its bid for engineering, construction and development work. Our team is available to support all types of tenders, from simple bills of materials through to complex takeoff surveys. For more information on what we do, or if you’d like our team to support your next tender, get in touch with us at any time.

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