Our Story

Sunrise Surveying is one of the leading land surveying companies servicing the East Coast of Australia. Sunrise Surveying has a professional staff of surveyors and associates who take pride in their ability to provide accurate surveying and responsive service to their clients. Since commencing, we have become a leader in providing high quality, professional services to landowners, developers, and civil engineering firms.

Sunrise Surveying remains on the cutting edge of technology and delivers all surveys accurately and under the strictest of quality control monitoring. Our state-of-the-art equipment and systems allow us to provide our clients with the latest technology the industry has to offer, and guarantees a quality project and superior services to our clients. We offer competitive pricing and a powerfully effective management team whose experience is unparalleled.


What sets Sunrise Surveying apart

Offer a superior service to ensure high quality outcomes for their clients

Utilising the latest technology and equipment 

Deliver all surveys accurately under strict quality control monitoring

Experience within both commercial and residential markets

With the ability to provide fast and accurate surveying solutions to clients will ensure you walk away with dependable solution in the timeframe required. 


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