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The Sunrise Surveying team provides accurate, affordable and detailed survey services to construction, engineering and mining clients in the Toowoomba region.

Our Surveying Services in Toowoomba

Sunrise Surveying offers a broad range of survey services to clients in the Toowoomba region. We provide data to improve the outcome of residential, commercial, mining and agricultural projects.

Engineering & Civil Surveys

We deliver high quality engineering surveys to support civil works, maintenance, monitoring and beyond.

Mining Surveys

Sunrise Surveying partners with mining clients to improve site efficiencies and provide crucial project data.

Railway Surveys

Our railways surveys are ideal for planning and construction, monitoring deformation and maintenance.

Roadworks & Bridge Surveys

High quality survey data is ideal for the planning, construction and maintenance of road infrastructure.

Cadastral Surveys

Our cadastral surveys can support any development project, including works in rural and agricultural areas.

UAV Surveys

We use state of the art UAV technology to capture accurate and reliable survey data in less time than ever.

roadworks construction

Toowoomba’s Leading Surveying Company

We take great pride in our reputation as Toowoomba’s leading surveying company. Whatever project you’re planning, Sunrise Surveying can tailor a surveying service to deliver the information you need.

Superior Data Quality

Our survey processes ensure we’re delivering accurate, reliable data that’s aligned to your requirements.

Innovative Technology

Sunrise Surveying uses the latest technology to project capture data quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Strict Quality Control

We maintain strict quality control standards that ensure our data is accurate, improving project outcomes.

Extensive Experience

There’s decades of experience on our team, making us one of the leading surveyors in Toowoomba.

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As Toowoomba’s leading surveying team, we can provide accurate data to suit all construction, mining, civil and engineering projects. Our team uses the latest equipment to help project leaders achieve greater outcomes. Speak to our Toowoomba surveyors today to make an appointment.

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  • UAV Surveys



UAV Survey Services in Toowoomba

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have changed the way Sunrise Surveying operates. Thanks to modern drone technology, we are able to deliver accurate and reliable data in less time.

Using drones, our Toowoomba surveyors can rapidly capture images, videos and other data to support project leaders in their decision making.

Our UAV operators can provide detailed survey information for:

  • Terrain and landscape mapping
  • 3D building modelling
  • Topographic models
  • Deformation and movement monitoring
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Stockpile management
  • Feature and identification mapping

Drones are among the most versatile tools we use. Our state-of-the-art equipment is ideal for capturing images and videos, as well as for collecting data across large areas and difficult terrain. This makes our drones well-suited to use in commercial projects and rural areas.

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