Construction & Engineering Surveys

Sunrise Surveying offers construction and engineering surveying services that can capture the data that’s needed to empower more effective decision making.


Construction & Engineering Surveying

The size and scale of civil engineering projects means information is crucial. When you need accurate data and power insights, Sunrise Surveying provides construction surveys and engineering surveys to suit your project.

We are a team of experienced engineering surveyors that assist all types of commercial and civil projects. We support clients in mining, construction and civil infrastructure with a broad variety of surveying services.

Control Network Establishment

Conformance Surveys

Set-Out Surveys

ADAC Surveys

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Volumetric Surveys

3D Laser Scanning

UAV Surveys

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Roadworks & Bridge Surveys

Roadworks and bridge surveys are critical to keeping Australia moving. Sunrise Surveying supports road, bridge and railway projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you are constructing new infrastructure, planning maintenance or carrying out repairs, we can provide the data you need to make more effective decisions.

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Railway Surveys

Sunrise Surveying uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide construction and engineering surveys to civil and railway clients.

We conduct construction surveying of rail corridors and greenfield sites. Our solutions are ideal for as-constructed surveys, topographic surveys, project planning, and monitoring factors such as rail alignment and track deformation.

Mining Surveys

Plan projects and improve operational efficiency with engineering surveys for mine sites. Our team uses the latest techniques to provide surface mapping, volumetric surveys, site evaluations and more.

We have vast expertise in mining surveys, so we can deliver data that optimises resource extraction, processing and management on your site.

Structural & Mechanical Surveys

We provide a range of structural and mechanical surveys to support the construction of buildings and civil infrastructure.

Our reports are key to properly documenting construction and ensuring that projects meet legislative standards and contractual requirements. As dedicated civil surveyors, Sunrise Surveying has the capacity to take on civil projects of almost any size.

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Project Audit Surveying

Keep projects moving, assess completed structures and ensure quality control with audit surveys from Sunrise Surveying. Audit surveys are an important form of due diligence for both private and public construction.

Our project audits include a review of each project stage, comparing documentation to progress, support for reporting, and ensuring projects are completed to their original specification. We also assist with audits both pre-and post-construction, providing independent assessments of the work. This assists with tendering, feasibility studies, accounting and financial procedures.

UAV Engineering Surveys

Sunrise Surveying operates state-of-the-art drone equipment that can make short work of any construction and engineering surveys.

Our UAVs are fitted with a variety of sensors that allow us to capture photos, videos, point clouds, infrared and other data. This means we can provide detailed surveys that unlock powerful insights at every stage of your project.

UAV engineering surveys are especially useful for asset monitoring, planning maintenance, and for mining clients. The speed, efficiency and accuracy of UAVs is unmatched, so we can deliver the data you need, fast.

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Sunrise Surveying provides civil construction and engineering surveying solutions that ensure you have the data you need. Speak to our team about our services, or give us a call for a quote on engineering surveys.


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