Engineering Surveys 

Sunrise Surveying offers a comprehensive range of engineering surveying services such as cadastral surveying aimed at supporting civil construction and engineering projects.


Engineering Surveying

We are a land surveyor company that services clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries, providing attentive and professional service for every job.

We assist clients with works ranging from land developments to road, rail and infrastructure projects. Sunrise Surveying provides accurate data and support through a range of engineering surveying services, including:

  • Control network establishment
  • Conformance surveys
  • Set-out surveys
  • As-constructed surveys/ADAC
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Data management
  • 3D Laser Scanning

Roadworks & Bridge Surveys

Looking after public and private infrastructure is a priority for all governments and property owners. Sunrise Surveying uses a range of state-of-the-art equipment to establish survey controls and prepare engineering surveys that help clients map out their projects.

As a construction surveying company, we use 3D laser scanners, Building Information Modelling and Point Clouds to assist with:

  • New road, bridge and railway construction
  • Roadworks surveying
  • Updating existing infrastructure
  • Monitoring changes over time
  • Assessing damage to bridges and roads
  • Supporting engineering assessments

Railway Surveys

Australia’s rail corridors power much of the country and keeping trains moving becomes simpler with an advanced construction survey provided by Sunrise Surveying. Our team includes a range of modern survey techniques and equipment.

With the help of these modern techniques, Sunrise Surveying can conduct an efficient, wide-ranging construction survey of rail corridors and greenfield sites. Our solutions are ideal for as-constructed surveys, topographic surveys, project planning and monitoring factors such as rail alignment and track deformation.

Structural & Mechanical Surveys

We provide a range of structural and mechanical surveys to support the construction of buildings and civil infrastructure. Using advanced equipment and construction surveying techniques, Sunrise Surveying can assist in the accurate design and construction of civil projects such as infrastructure and critical buildings.

Our reports are also key to properly documenting construction and ensuring that projects meet legislative standards and contractual requirements. As dedicated civil surveyors, Sunrise Surveying has the capacity to take on civil projects of almost any size. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can establish survey controls, map out sites and monitor the progress of most construction and engineering projects.

Project Audit Surveying

Keep construction projects moving, assess completed structures and ensure precision quality control with project audit surveys from Sunrise Surveying. Especially for civil construction and engineering projects, audit surveys are an important form of due diligence for both private and public construction.

Our project audits include a comprehensive review of each project stage, comparing documentation to real-world progress, support for reporting and ensuring projects are completed to their original specification. We also assist with audits both pre-and post-construction, providing independent assessments of the work to assist with tendering, feasibility studies, accounting and financial procedures.

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Sunrise Surveying provides accurate civil construction and engineering surveying solutions that ensure clients have the information they need to complete their projects. Speak to our team about our range of services.


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