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Sunrise Surveying provides surveying solutions to suit all construction, civil, engineering and mining clients throughout Southeast Queensland as we are the leading surveyor Brisbane wide.


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Operating as a Brisbane surveyor, the Sunrise Surveying team provides accurate survey data to inform your next project. From residential and commercial construction to major developments, our land surveyor services provide the information project managers need.

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Land Surveyor Brisbane

Building or renovating a property is a major undertaking, and most projects around Brisbane require approval from your local council. As an established cadastral surveyor Brisbane wide, Sunrise Surveying provides a variety of residential and commercial surveys to support construction, renovation and development projects.

Our services for surveying Brisbane wide include:

  • Construction location surveys
  • Building set-out
  • Full and partial site plans
  • Investigating easements and other restrictions
  • Detail and feature surveys

Depending on the scope of your project, your local council might ask for a variety of survey information and as a surveyor Brisbane wide, we can tell you about the survey requirements in the areas surrounding south east Queensland.

  • Boundary and Identification Surveys

  • UAV Surveys

  • Civil and Construction Surveys

Brisbane Boundary and Identification Surveys

A boundary survey is designed to find and mark out the exact boundaries, size and location of a property. This information is critical when purchasing land or designing a construction project, with many councils requiring updated boundary and identification surveys for approvals.

As an expert land surveyor Brisbane wide, we provide land surveys for a wide range of projects:

  • Newly built homes
  • Townhouse complexes and apartment buildings
  • Subdividing land
  • Residential and commercial development projects
  • Boundary establishment
  • Easement marking
  • Lease surveys
  • Pre-design surveys

We provide an accurate identification and boundary surveys for everything from residential builds to large-scale commercial developments. Thanks to state-of-the-art UAVs, Sunrise Surveying is capable of quickly and efficiently surveying even the largest properties.