October 9

Do You Need a Surveyor to Put Up a Fence?

Most residential properties already have fences installed on the land. One of the biggest misconceptions is that those fences align with the property’s real boundaries. In reality, fencing contractors often take a “close enough” approach to their work, meaning your fences may not reflect the true boundaries of your property.

If you’d like to move a fence or build a new one, you’ll need to ensure it’s erected in the right location to avoid creating problems for yourself and your neighbours. So, do you need a surveyor Rockhampton wide to put up a fence? In this article we’ll answer that question and dive into the specifics of boundary identification surveys.

What is a Boundary Identification Survey?

A boundary identification survey is a type of cadastral surveying used to identify, mark or re-establish the boundaries of a property according to the original survey plan. With a mix of historical title research and modern measurement equipment, a surveyor can locate the exact boundaries of the land, as well as any encroachments onto and from the site. It’s important to note that no interests are created or altered as the result of a boundary identification survey. The information is only used to find boundaries according to the original plans. A copy of the survey results will be lodged with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines, but the content generally won’t be examined.

Boundary identification surveys are an important part of all construction, renovation and landscaping projects. Whether you’re building a new house, fixing a retaining wall or putting up a fence, a boundary survey is your best tool for preventing and resolving disputes with neighbours.

Why Should I Have My Boundary Surveyed?

Property features have a tendency to move over the years. Shifts in the land, construction work, new easements and a blurring of neighbourly boundaries can make it difficult to know where your property begins and ends. If you’re unsure where the limits of your land are, a professional cadastral surveyor can assist with:

    • Building and fencing work

    • Building or maintaining retaining walls near boundaries

    • Pre-purchase checks

    • Resolving boundary and neighbourhood disputes

    • Investigating easements, covenants and other interests on the land

Conducting a boundary survey is like taking out an insurance policy on your land. It will give you peace of mind that your boundaries are in the right location and can put an end to disputes with your neighbours.

Do I Need Council Approval to Build a Fence?

The answer to this question depends on your local council regulations, as well as the size and type of fence. If you live in Brisbane then you generally won’t need Council approval to build a fence. Under the Building Regulation 2006, you will need to seek approval from Brisbane City Council for two types of fences:

    • Pool fences that are required to meet safety regulations

    • Boundary fences that are taller than two metres above the natural ground surface

While most types of fences don’t require building approval, you will be responsible for ensuring the fence complies with the relevant standards. Your new fence needs to meet size limits, fire separation requirements, boundary setbacks and structural integrity guidelines.

Boundary Survey for Fence Building Projects

You normally won’t be required to engage a surveyor to build a fence on your residential property in Brisbane. However, building fences isn’t always straightforward, and neighbours often disagree over boundary locations and requirements for the project. In those cases it’s a good idea to ask a professional surveyor for help. 

A Boundary and Identification survey can locate the exact borders of your property and resolve any issues you’re having with your neighbours. Your surveyor will also identify secondary interests on the land such as easements, setbacks and fire separation requirements. Using that information, your surveyor will be able to stake out the correct location for your fence to ensure it complies with all local regulations.

Building a Fence and Need a Boundary Survey? Contact Sunrise Surveying Today!

Cadastral surveying is a critical tool for supporting all types of construction work. Whether you’re putting up a new fence or replacing an old one, a boundary survey can ensure the project comes off without a hitch. If you need a cadastral survey for any building or development project, contact the experienced team at Sunrise Surveying! Our surveyors employ state of the art equipment to perform highly accurate cadastral surveys and provide the data your project needs. We can locate the boundaries of your property, investigate easements and setback requirements, and then stake out the correct location for your new fence. You’re welcome to contact us online if you’d like more information or want to make an appointment with our team!

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