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The Importance of Land Surveying

The construction, development and sale of real estate is all underpinned by the work of Cadastral surveyors. Cadastral surveyors conduct property surveys which play a critical role in ensuring owners, builders and decision-makers are equipped with the information they need to successfully and safely complete their land development projects.

Professional cadastral surveyors perform a wide range of functions. Using speciality measuring and surveying equipment, surveyors can provide the detailed information needed to complete construction and land development projects on any scale. It’s hard to understate the importance of property surveying, and in this article we’ll cover more of what surveying teams do and the role they will play in your next project.

What is Land Surveying?

Property surveying is a process that identifies the exact location and layout of a property, its legal boundaries and the condition of any existing structures on the block.

When you engage a professional cadastral surveyor, their team will combine legal and historical research with field surveys to develop an up-to-date map and report of your property. The report you receive will detail information about the property, such as the exact location of property boundaries, zoning regulations, easements, restrictions and a report on the existing and neighbouring structures.

As a surveyor Toowoomba wide, this data gives you an exact record of what you’re purchasing and forms an important part of the documentation you’ll need to carry out any construction, renovation or land development projects.

Different Types of Land Surveys

Property surveys are designed to identify as much information as possible about a property. The more information you have on hand, the easier it is to plan future projects, resolve legal disputes and assess the land’s suitability for construction. A professional cadastral surveyor will offer a variety of surveys, including:

    • Boundary surveys. Boundary surveys are used to locate and measure the exact location and boundary lines of a property. As properties are updated and changed over the years, features such as fences and walls between neighbouring blocks can shift over time. A boundary survey is used to verify and mark the exact location of the land you are purchasing.

    • Contour and features surveys. Contour and feature surveys provide a full report on the terrain and layout of a block of land, including any major terrain features. Other features such as trees, fences, existing structures and utility services will also be identified. This information is critical to planning construction projects and obtaining approvals from your council.

    • Construction Surveys. A construction survey plays an important role during construction, renovation and land development projects. Construction surveys include a range of different services, such as marking out the building site, monitoring terrain shifts and as-constructed (ADAC) surveys.

    • Engineering Surveys. For complex civil and construction projects, engineering surveys are often used to verify that the work complies with engineering requirements. Especially for large structures or infrastructure such as roads and bridges, engineering surveys ensure the final result is built to the required specifications.

When to Get a Property Survey

Whether you’re buying your first property or undertaking a major land development project, property surveys are an important piece of due diligence. A property survey can tell you everything you need to know about a block of land, potentially saving you from making a costly mistake. We typically recommend ordering a property survey in a few different situations:

    • Buying a property. There are dozens of things to think about when buying a property. Updated survey data can verify that you’re getting what you paid for and help you avoid any legal pitfalls that may be attached to a property.

    • Construction. Whether you’re building a granny flat, subdividing or constructing a new home, surveys support the construction process from start to finish. 

    • Renovation. Some types of renovations and property updates will require planning approvals. For those projects, property surveys can supply the information needed by your builders and local council to successfully complete the work.

    • Land development projects. Major developments typically require significant support from professional surveyors. With strict zoning laws, development regulations and building requirements, property surveys ensure your development is viable and compliant at every stage of the process.

Looking for Land Surveying for Your Next Project? Contact Sunrise Surveying Today!

Information plays a critical role in purchasing property and delivering successful construction projects. Cadastral surveyors use a variety of modern technologies to accurately assess, measure and report on properties, providing the data you need to make informed decisions.

Sunrise Surveying operates from locations in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Rockhampton, offering professional property and cadastral surveys for residential, commercial and civil projects. Our experienced team has the skills and equipment to support all projects, from individual home builds to large-scale commercial land developments. Contact us today to find out more or to make an appointment with our team!

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