February 14

Find Where Property Boundaries Are

How Do You Find Out Where Your Property Boundaries Are?

Locating your property boundaries is a critical part of any construction or development project. An up to date plan that details your property and its boundaries plays a key role in planning and obtaining approvals for any work you’re looking to complete. When clearly defined boundary pegs are not available, or the extents of your land are in doubt, you can’t rely on fences or a neighbour’s advice to locate your boundary. So, how do you find out where your property boundaries are? In this article, we’ll go over some of the simplest options and discuss how a property boundary survey can help make your next project a success.

What Is a Boundary Survey?

The simplest way to define the extent of your property is to engage a cadastral surveyor to conduct a Detailed Survey.

A Detailed Survey (also called a boundary survey) is a cadastral survey that uses historical survey data to determine where the corners of your property are located. This is typically done by locating any monuments (such as survey marks, buildings, fences or other structures) that appear on a previous survey and using them to accurately mark the property’s corners.

The team performing the survey will use a mix of historical survey documents, research and modern measuring tools to accurately locate these monuments. The quality of the marks will then be assessed and new measurements will be taken to determine the location of your boundaries. This service is especially useful when buying a home, subdividing a block or performing any sort of construction, renovation or development project.

When to Get a Cadastral Survey

Uncertainty can exist on the location of property boundaries if no monuments or marker pegs exist, or if the reliability of the marks you have found is in doubt. If that’s the case for you, it’s critical that you locate the corners of your property before undertaking any construction work or improvements near the boundary.

You will need to engage a cadastral surveyor to be certain of the exact location of your property boundaries. As part of the identification survey, your surveyor will also determine whether the land is subject to any encumbrances and re-mark the corners of the property. You can talk to a professional cadastral surveyor for help with:

  • Buying a property or building a new home
  • Modifying your property, such as building a fence or retaining wall
  • Undertaking major renovations and extensions
  • Planning residential and commercial developments
  • Resolving boundary disputes by determining the extent of improvements on, near or over the boundary

New easements, construction, changes in the land and neighbourly disputes can make it difficult to know exactly where your property boundaries are located. By engaging a cadastral surveyor to accurately determine your property limits, you can potentially avoid building on land that’s owned by someone else, allowing you to avoid issues with your neighbours.

Plan Your Next Project with a Cadastral Survey from Sunrise Surveying!

Locating the exact boundaries of your property is the first step in any sort of planning, construction or renovation work. Whether you’re putting up a fence or building an entirely new home, a professional cadastral survey can provide up to date information on your property. Sunrise Surveying is a leading land surveying company working throughout Brisbane, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Yeppoon.

We use state of the art equipment to deliver accurate data and mark out the boundaries of all types of residential and commercial properties. If you’re planning a project then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and ask about our cadastral surveying services!

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