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Sunrise Surveying is a bridge and road surveyor that’s equipped to support the construction, repair and maintenance of bridges and roads across Eastern Australia.

Experienced Road Surveyor

Keeping Australia moving means investing in the roads and infrastructure we use every day. Sunrise Surveying is a road surveyor that can provide data for the construction, monitoring, maintenance and repair of our roadways. We work with private and civil clients, providing detailed road surveys that can make your project a success.

Sunrise Surveying provides a broad variety of road surveying services in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. Our services include:

Road set-out surveys

Our road surveyors provide comprehensive set-out surveys for roads and bridges. We will mark the exact location of proposed roads to ensure your project meets engineering regulations and design requirements.

Site set-out surveys

A comprehensive site set-out survey includes marking the position of new roads, bridges, structures and more. This ensures everything is placed in the correct position, as per the project’s engineering requirements.

Utility set-out surveys

We are equipped to provide set-out surveys for all utilities. Our team can mark the current and proposed locations of utilities like water, gas, electricity, telecommunications and more.

Engineering surveys

Our engineering surveys verify your design, identify issues, establish control points and provide the data needed for as-built documents. All data is collected by our experienced road surveyors, ensuring your project is feasible, safe and compliant.

Volumetric surveys

We provide end-to-end support for your project. Our volumetric surveys can be used to assess earthworks requirements in the planning phase, as well as stockpile levels during construction. Ongoing volumetric surveys optimise the way you work, reducing the time and money invested in each project.

3D terrain modelling

We use state-of-the-art equipment to capture point cloud data and create 3D models of terrain. This data is used to support project planning, and can be invaluable in mapping the optimal route for new roads and bridges.

As-constructed surveys/ADAC

Sunrise Surveying conducts as-constructed and ADAC surveys to verify completed roadways and bridges. ADAC data is crucial to engineering requirements, and it provides a baseline for deformation monitoring and maintenance planning.

Deformation monitoring

Roads and bridges are subject to hard use. To help plan maintenance schedules, we offer deformation monitoring surveys that can track changes in structures over time. This makes it easy to identify damage and deformation that requires attention.

Bridge Surveyor in Eastern Australia

Sunrise Surveying provides the information you need for all bridge construction, maintenance and engineering projects. We are an experienced bridge surveyor that works with both civil and private clients across Eastern Australia, providing data to help project leaders make informed decisions.

Our bridge surveyors uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide a range of surveying services, including:

Data from Sunrise Surveying can be invaluable when planning maintenance works. We are equipped to provide regular bridge inspections and provide data that allows clients to manage ongoing maintenance and repair requirements.

Speak to us for a quote on regular asset and bridge inspections.

Detailed Site and Land Surveys

Successful road and bridge projects rely on detailed land surveys. The construction of new roads and bridges is a major undertaking, and the scope and expense can quickly spiral out of control without the right information.

Sunrise Surveying employs a range of technology to provide land surveys, terrain modelling and set-out services.

We use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and 3D laser scanners to capture detailed information. This allows us to create reports that support the approvals, construction and engineering stages of your project.

With help from our road surveyors, project managers and engineers can identify and create efficient plans for the construction, engineering and grading work that goes into the final product.

Comprehensive Surveys for Every Road and Bridge Project

Using the latest in roadworks surveying techniques and technology, the Sunrise Surveying team provides expert services for all roadworks and bridge projects.

Our team is equipped with the tools and experience to help you achieve stronger outcomes and deliver results on time. We can assist you throughout the process, from pre-construction set-out services to final drawings and as-constructed validation.

The Sunrise Surveying team provides detailed information to all roadworks and bridge construction, engineering and maintenance tasks. Our expert road and bridge surveyors are available to help clients across Eastern Australia. Whatever you’re planning, we can deliver the data you need to complete your project efficiently.

Contact us about our bridge and roadworks surveying services, or book a consultation to find out how we can support your project.

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